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Quail Eggs


Fresh Quail Eggs $15.00 Per Hundred

Great for pickling, scrambling, poaching, 

boiled for salads, or raw for drinking!

Great hatching rate. We have fertile eggs year round!

Fertile Eggs  $25.00 Per Hundred

Great hatching rate. We have fertile eggs year round!!


Boiled Peeled Eggs

We also offer boiled, peeled quail eggs in volume! Boiled peeled in water. Boiled peeled in vinegar/water brine.  1,000  eggs per bucket. Shelf stable PH balance. 

Nutritional Benefits

Quail eggs have measurable nutritional value. They are packed with vitamin B12 to help maintain your body's energy level. They are rich in minerals and good cholesterol. They do not have the bad cholesterol much like the chicken egg. Quail eggs are also loaded with protein and iron. They help strengthen your heart muscles by providing the building blocks of protein. The high protein content also helps maintain blood sugar levels. They are a great source of iron to restore blood count levels for anemia. Consuming these little eggs can help the body's immunity system. Patients with blood disorders like Von Willibrand's Disease have found that consuming quail eggs helped maintain normal hemoglobin levels. Quail eggs can help with digestive disorders. 


Our Story

As a young boy growing up in south Mississippi, I would go deer hunting with my father in an open jeep. We would often pass a set of mature pine trees with a complete twist. Over time, these trees were struck by lightning and are no longer standing. A few years ago, while replacing fence on my farm, I found another set of pines with a complete twist. From childhood memories of hunting with my father, and present day twisted pines on our farm, thus derived the name, " Twisted Pines".
Our family owned business, began with just a handful of quail. As we learned more about the nutritional benefits of the quail eggs, we wanted more people to have access to this good nutrition that also helps with many illnesses. From this....."Twisted Pines Quail Farm" is established.
Our 83 acre farm is nestled in south Mississippi between Hattiesburg and Wiggins.

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